Top 20 WORST K-Pop Group Names (Based on SEO)

This is my 5th K-Pop & Search Engine Optimization video. I did my first one 3 years ago, and it combined soloists with groups and left out a lot of groups. Here’s a properly updated list of just the groups. Hope you all found it interesting. It’s yet another controversial video for me this month, and so I also pray for my safety here in the Kpop community lol.

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KPop Stars Songs, Music Videos (MV) (Alphabetically) Featured:
100% – Better Day
After School – Flashback
B.I.G. – Illusion
B.O.Y – My Angel
Boyfriend – Janus
f(x) – Electric Shock
Favorite – Loca
g.o.d. – Lie
H.O.T. – We Are the Future
Highlight – Loved
History – Dreamer
Hot Issue – GRATATA
Jewelry – One More Time
Just B – Damage
Nature – Girls
Saturday – D.B.D.B.DIB
Secret Number – Who Dis?
Touch – Me

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