On the 3rd of July 2019, London band Spit Sisters took to the famous stage of Fiddlers Elbow to change rock herstory. The audience was mesmerized by their groovy punky unique catchy sound. If i do say so myself. They are 4 QUEER WORKING CLASS FEMINISTS with a warning: Don’t forget to bring a towel 😉

This is their original song “Weak”. Written by Jasmine, about how past partners had put her down and played off her anxiety only to bring themselves up – as she sings: “Did you like me more when I was weak?” and “was I smoking something funny when I met you?”

Please note: We DO NOT see anxiety as a weakness, it was merely a comment on how one can feel weak when experiencing anxiety. Please, seek medical help and reach out to those close to you if you feel anxious frequently and experience panic attacks xx

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