Soul Of Boston performs "Funk Medley" presented by hank agency

Way before Bruno Mars came along, Boston already had its very own uptown funk machine … the mega-talented dance band Soul of Boston!

Don’t believe me? Just watch as this uber-chic, trend-setting, 8 piece musical juggernaut SLAYS dance jam after dance jam and lights your dance floor on fire! With its soul-crushing rhythm section, a brass section that will blow your mind, and six (YES 6!) LEAD vocalists who hit EVERY high note, Soul of Boston rocks its way like a BOSS through every musical genre from 60’s soul classics, to epic 80’s rock anthems, to 90’s “old skool” R&B, all the way to today’s biggest chart-topping pop hits! An absolutely extraordinary blend of vocal and musical excellence puts this band in a soul-searing class all its own! For non-stop music that you will feel down right down in your soul, let Soul of Boston funk you up … just watch!

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