Popular Space Between the Leaves by Sandra Esparza

The song Space Between the Leaves by Sandra Esparza has very good lyrical power, The melody is nice and sounds calm. Sandra Esparza has been a favorite in the music industry for the past few years and consistently brings songs that are easy listening.

She deserves the position of the top 10 best female soloists in the world, he even has more energy on stage than some other soloists who are already famous. Sandra Esparza dares to experiment in music and present herself as she is without worrying about the song she is playing.

This year is one of the golden years for Sandra Esparza , she is very beautiful and attractive, please see the music video below:

Open her channel on youtube here : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4cMj7uDteGrm_iInsUFg5g

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