Popular Exosteric is one man band

Exosteric is currently a one man band who is wrestling between being the bass player, guitar player, singer, songwriter, keyboard player and drum programmer. I hate programmed drums, I wish I had a drummer but looks like I’ll have to get myself a kit someday.

Since it’s inception in 2018 two release’s came pouring forth in that year, A Promise is a Promise and Don’t Speak of Karma. After a year long hiatus , Angelina was released february 14th 2020.

I tried getting into bands as a young teen but unfortunately I never made the cut. I didn’t have or know how to play an instrument at the time or had any singing lesson’s. Music class or school for that matter was a disaster for me. It is simply a love and passion for music that has kept me going until this day and was the driving force for me to learn by myself. What I realized for myself is that the beauty of it all is that there is no right or wrong way it is all purely subjective.

If I were to be asked what kind of music it is…. Not heavy enough to be metal , not raw enough to be rock and not polished enough to be pop. Certainly cringe worthy at times and definitely not anything that would be top 40 unless I find myself dying from laughter someday. Not that I don’t try my best and I don’t try to learn or accept constructive criticism. All I can say is you gotta be brave and willing to try something different. At the end of the day I liked it or so I did at the time and I was just sharing whatever that was.

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