Music like Enigma 1-hour Mix by Positively Dark – New Age Music Channel

Enjoy 1-hour of music like Enigma composed by Positively Dark. Put on your headphones, turn off the lights, and listen to this Enigma-style music that will carry you off to a beautiful new world. If you enjoy this relaxing new age music, please click “like” and subscribe to my relaxing new age music channel here on YouTube where I have over 4-hours of new age music for you to enjoy. Thank you!

Songs on this 1-hour of Music Like Enigma playlist by Positively Dark include:

00:00 “Ancient Voices”
04:16 “Firefly”
07:42 “Mermaid”
11:01 “Nomad”
15:36 “Iceland Remix”
19:48 “Awakening”
24:08 “3 AM”
28:32 “Goodbye My Friend”
32:10 “Sanctuary”
36:28 “In Your Arms”
41:58 “Anna’s Theme”
45:48 “Equinox”
49:18 “Goodnight”

You can purchase this new age music by Positively Dark on Amazon and Apple Music.

You can use this music for your YouTube and TikTok videos as long as you say the music is by Positively Dark and you link to this new age music channel here on YouTube:

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