Layna Lae

Artist Name:Layna Lae

Song Name:Anniversary

Layna Lae is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and entrepreneur from Waldorf, MD. Born of Haitian & Irish descent on June 27 in Boston, MA; Marlena Trinity Georges aka Layna Lae discovered her talent for writing music after being challenged to write an apology song for her best friend. Growing up in South Florida, Lae was “the girl who knew every song that came on the radio” and attributes her diverse love for music to the late Michael Jackson, 90’s R&B, rapper Drake and her all-time favorite rock band Nickelback.

In January 2019, Layna Lae launched her music Publishing Company “Loyale Nation” – subsequently releasing 22 tracks, including her debut self-titled EP “Layna Lae”, sophomore EP “Perfect Storm”, and 6 singles including “I’m ‘Bout It” – where she really found her niche for singing on the hook and delivering her signature chill rap vibes with catchy wordplay.

Since the first song ever released – Layna Lae has created a lane of her own with her unique monotone rap vocals, ambiguous topics on lesbian relationships and her chill laid back tomboyish demeanor that perfectly puts her outside the mold of every other female rapper. Instead of glorifying high maintenance lifestyles and what’s between her legs, Lae’s dreams and downfalls – along with her obsession for the Hemi powered muscle car – continues to be the lyrical centerpiece of her music; thus, garnering her the nickname “Hemi Chick” for mentioning “Hemi” in almost every one of her songs.

In 2020, Lae took to Instagram revealing her new feminized look with the release of her melodic, unapologetic single “As I Am”; giving fans a taste of her new bossed up mentality, followed by her thrive for rising to the top with her 2021 experimental trap single titled “Bank”. As a tomboy, Layna Lae never wore makeup until the age of 20 and because of the tremendous response on social media; her new look and attitude were the staple behind the vision for her bold and edgy new brand “Crazy Like A Fetish”.

On a mission to make it, Layna Lae has since been

nominated for various awards and performed live for the late WPGC 95.5 radio host DJ Tony Redz, Hot 97’s DJ Drewski, & Love and Hip-Hop’s reality star/rapper Trina. From her diverse ability to sing and rap, which Lae delivered serious love vibes on her November 2021 single titled “Anniversary” (sampling the 1993 R&B hit by Tony Toni Tone) to her partnership with Peep the Grind Radio and the Indie Grind Music Awards; Layna Lae is definitely the one to keep an eye on.
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