Joe Vessaokar & Band – Goan and East Indian Music at Baajaa Gaajaa 2012

This video features Joe Vessaokar and band playing Goan and East Indian Music. Based in Mumbai, the band consists of Joe Vessaokar (trumpet), Cedric Vessaokar (trumpet), Lancelot Joseph (trumpet), Glenn Misquitta (saxophone), Julius Vessaokar (saxophone), Alban Rozy (drums), Lokande (drums), and Issac Vessaonkar (drums).

In the interview section, the two interviewees use the words “Goan” and “East Indian”. These identity markers correspond to two groups of Christians. Goan refers to those belonging to Goa, and East Indian refers to those resident in and around Mumbai and other parts of northern Konkan.

According to Lancelot Joseph, “Music is an integral part of the people’s lives in both Goa and the East Indians of Bombay. They are the native landlords who owned the salt pans and rice fields that stretched from Prabhadevi-Worli to Virar. The music we played today depicted the lives of people in that community and folk songs that are played at marriage ceremonies. The Goan songs were from ‘Tiatre’ (Konkani theatre), which are mainly melodramas about family and domestic life.”

“Love was the theme we adopted. Though the Goans have derived their music from the Portuguese, Goan Folk Music is a blend of Western music and Hindu temple Music”, said Joe Vessaokar.

This performance took place at Baajaa Gaajaa 2012 in Pune.

Baajaa Gaajaa: Music from 21st Century India is an annual three day event organized by Underscore Records Pvt. Ltd.

Baajaa Gaajaa is dedicated to the diversity of Indian music, and to independent artistes and record labels in India. Started in 2009 by vocalist Shubha Mudgal and tabla player Aneesh Pradhan, the Festival features the following events in a span of three days:

– An expo featuring independent artistes, record labels, organizations, institutions, instrument makers, dealers and others
– Three specially curated evening performances at the splendid Ishanya amphitheater
– Open Stage performances every day for which artistes can register to perform
– Seminars on themes focusing on Indian music
– Film screenings followed by discussions with the Directors.

Other episodes in this series of videocasts will feature other forms of music and activities showcased at Baajaa Gaajaa 2012.

Interviewer – Camera – Editing by Sudev Sheth

This videocast is made possible by the generous support of the Ford Foundation.

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