Guitar Lesson – Cool Pop Rock Acoustic Guitar Lick… Eagles Style Using G & C/G

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This “lick” or short chord progression is commonly used in the Pop Rock genre especially by the classic rock band The Eagles. They use this in the song “Take It Easy”, “Tequila Sunrise” and possibly others with some slight variations. You can use different strumming patterns and get even more mileage. To make this a part of your repertoire practice the phrase in this video, then find a song you like and use it. I recommend “Tequila Sunrise” by the Eagles because it’s fairly slow. Or even better try making up your own song (my favorite thing to do).


Guitar Lesson – Cool Pop Rock Acoustic Guitar Lick… Eagles Style Using G & C/G

Hi, this is Tomas Michaud with another quick tip video. This chord Lick so to speak is a very common one use in Pop Rock Music but particularly by the Eagles. I’d encourage you to make it a party repertoire. Now you can have to form the G with your pinky to make this easier to finger when you make that G chord and now you gonna move your first two fingers into what looks like a C chord but leave your pinky where they are.

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Now the first finger is on the second string first fret and the second finger is on the string second fret. It looks like a part of the G is C chord it looks like part of the C chord but the third finger is over there still on the G make kind a suspended sound so going to do that march G chord to pinky, third finger on the third fret sixth string, leave the pinky on the third fingers there and move the first two fingers into that C position and then move the first three fingers to make a D chord leaving the pinky down. It’s actually D suspended form because the pinky is down. When I left it up it results to D and I go back to G.

So start the whole thing G chord, first two fingers all reach C to G and now to the D suspended form resolve and then back to G. Let’s try with the strum. Ready, go… change, to the D and suspend it off that’s where the D now and start over. I’m gonna add a little more complex strum now, hmmm a pop rock strum sounds like this (strumming).

Thanks for listening that’s it for today. This is Tomas Michaud from

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