America The Beautiful – Michael Allen Harrison & Julianne Johnson

America The Beautiful – Michael Allen Harrison & Julianne Johnson

Michael Allen Harrison & Julianne Johnson have been performing and recording for 3 decades. One of the most beloved dynamic duos in the Pacific NW.

Michael & Julianne met as children. Their friendship began in the warehouse of Cohen Bros Furniture where both their father’s Joe & Bob worked. An instant magical kindred friendship was bonded for life as the played hide and seek amongst the plastic wrapped furniture and giant carpet rolls. Michael was 7 yrs. old and Julianne 5 yrs. old. Julianne sang in church and Michael took piano lessons not knowing what a significant role they would have in each other’s lives and their important service to their community. They both have gifts they share in their individual lives but when they come together it’s pure magic. For them it’s always about feeling something special together and creating a better world!!! Enjoy this three hour compilation from three decades of their best recordings…

Julianne R Johnson
Actress , Director , Grammy Nominated Recording Artist , Award- winning Songwriter Since graduating from U of Portland in Julianne has been a celebrated professional entertainer, nationally and internationally. Julianne is PAMTA award winner, Drammy nominated Actress and Associate Artistic Director of Stumptown Stages

Yamaha/Bosendorfer Artist Michael Allen Harrison plays a Bosendorfer 280VC Concert Grand. A versatile composer who writes music in the style of Yiruma, Philip Wesley, David Lanz, Ludovico Einaudi, Jim Brickman , Hans Zimmer, David Nevue, Michelle McLaughlin, George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Andrew lloyd Weber, John Williams…

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